As the world returns to normal interactions with the general public and guest will increase. These increased interactions will undoubtedly present challenges and safety concerns. SIFLET can work with you to identify training needs for your staff to ensure a safe working environment for employees and guest.

SIFLET can also provide your hospitality staff and security personnel with customized training in de-escalation, identifying and responding to threats on property, legal considerations for use of force, and building a relationship with local law enforcement.


One of the best defenses against fraud losses is constant review of processes and procedures. SIFLET provides individual consultations to assist your company in protecting itself from internal and external losses.


Corporations fall victim to fraud at an alarming rate, in many instances the losses are a result of a lack of training. Criminals will use various techniques in order to scam company's employees. In many instances the criminal will use various methods of social engineering to gain your employees trust and then exploit it.

SIFLET offers customized training for corporations designed to educate your employees on how to identify signs of scams and how to mitigate the risk of falling victim to these scams. We will provide a no-cost initial consultation in order to determine what your company's needs are so we can design an effective training program designed to educate your team.

Never underestimate the value of Fraud Awareness training for your management and front line workers.