SIFLET believes that the best defense against being a victim of fraud and scams is education. In our experience most victims are tricked simply because they do not have an understanding of the scams that exist. Therefore, we have established a series of trainings to help educate the public.

College Orientation Presentations

Young adults are often recruited into participating in fraud schemes to include but not limited to grandparents' scams, check fraud, and credit card fraud. In other instances, they are often victims in online employment scams, investment scams, etc. SIFLET offers familiarization presentations intended to educate new college freshman as part of the college/university's orientation process. Our young adults have enough to worry about and learn as they enter college. Let's give them the knowledge to help them avoid getting themselves in potential criminal trouble or a financial jam which can have a negative impact on their future.

Community Education Presentations

Most victims of fraud schemes such as crypto scams, grandparent scams, employment scams, lottery scams, computer repair scams, etc fall victim due to a lack of knowledge of the current schemes. SIFLET offers in person presentations to homeowner associations in order to help educate residents on how to avoid falling victim to these and other scams. We also familiarize your members with internet safety and key prevention steps to reduce the likelihood of suffering a financial loss due to fraud.